What …October Already!

Okay, this is insane! I feel like September blew by and now October is almost over.

Natalie is settled nicely into school, she loves her teacher, Mrs. S, and her best friends are in her class as well, so double bonus. She is also estatic that her other best friend, who is a year younger  has now graduated to the big kids yard, so they can all play together.

Nicholas has been going to a playschool program and he absolutely loves it. I was taken completely off guard by how well he listened, right from the start. He now asks multiple times a week to go to preschool.

I am taking Karate (FINALLY) I decided the timing would never be perfect, so I’ve committed myself to 2 days a week and am loving it. The best part is I can bring the little man, and he just sits and watches!


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