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First Day Jitters

This morning was brutal. It was Nicholas’ first day of school and to say that he did not want to go would be the understatement of the decade. He was okay until the teachers came outside to take the new JK kids in. Then all hell broke loose. He started screaming bloody murder. So me being the caring, compassionate mother I am, picked him up, kissed him and carried him toward the door. For those of you who know Marmaduke the dog, that was my son as I tried to carry him crying and screaming into the school. He had his little arms and legs outstretched frantically reaching  for the door frame or anything else he could grab on to. I finally managed to get him inside the school then he took avery opportunity he could to make a break for freedom. Each time I let go of him he’d run, sobbing to the door and pound on it begging Daddy to come get him. Eventually Mrs. H came into the hall and tried to pry him off me. “You go, he’ll be fine” So I managed to extricate myself from his grip (It’s amazing how strong thelittle bugger is) and run out the door. The last thing I heard was Nicholas screaming “MOMMY!” I hope Thursday is better.


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