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Zoo Field Trip

Yesterday was a n awesome day. I had the opportunity to travel to Toronto with Natalie’s class and go to the Zoo. We have been to other smaller zoos, but this was Natalie’s first time at a large, world class zoo. The bus ride down was uneventful, loud, but uneventful. The kids were all super hyped up and excited. We had a quick snack as soon as we arrived, then we were off. We wend into every pavillion and exibit along the way. We learned about conservation, Elephants, Mandrils, pygmy hippos and so much more. I was lucky and all the kids in my group were fantastic! They listened and just behaved wonderfully. We spent so much time in the pavillions and exhibits in the African area, we would up leterally running through the Americas in order to get back to the bus. I really wish that we had had a wee bit more time there. The bus ride home was slightly quieter, but oddly enough not much. We didn’t hit any traffic and made it back to the school right on time.

This morning, I volunteered in the class and the kids had a little mini project to complete about their favourite animal. We used the zoos website, as well at whatever they could remember to complete the task.

I am so glad I was able to go and help out!


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Natalie’s Haircut…

A few weeks ago, I got the urge for a new look so I went and got my hair chopped off. Since then, Natalie has been saying that she wants short hair like mine too. I’ve tried explaing to her that her hair, even cut short will not look like mine. Mine is fine and oh so straight, hers is beautiful and thick and curly. She hates it. She wants straight hair like I have. I worry about cutting her hair too short, as I don’t want her to bear any kind of resemblance to a poodle…

Anyway, I digress. I finally made an appointment for her at a local salon to go in and get her hair cut. It’s not super straight, but let me tellĀ  you, Aleks did an AMAZING job. She layered it and tapered it around her face, so it doesn’t look too too short, but at the same time it stays out of her face. Awesome! I couldn’t be happier. Natalie sat patiently the whole time and was estatic when Aleks pulled out a can of sparkly hairspray as a reward! Even Nicholas loved it and wanted “parkles” in his hair too.

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The haircut…

It’s inevitable, at some point or another most children try cutting their hair. I was lucky with Natalie, she never did. With Nicholas I have always had a small, nagging fear present in the back of my mind… One day he will cut those curls. Fast forward to last week. He was in his room for his “quiet time” while I was on the main floor tidying up. He hadn’t been in his room long at all when he came trotting down the stairs with a big goofy grin on his face. His hair was messy, even for him. He looked up at me and said “I makin myself bootiful, mom.” It was at that moment I noticed my favourite curl, a tight, defined ringlet hanging haphazardly & suspiciously low on his face. When I went to brush it out of his eyes, it came right off in my hand! “What did you do?” I asked through slightly clenched teeth. He simply grinned and repeated “I makin myself bootiful MOM!” As I stood there, holding the curl, I couldn’t help but laugh and think to myself that it could have been much worse. A few days before he had gotten a hold of Louie’s electric razor and ran it front to back on his head. Had he figured out how to turn it on, I would have been dealing with a reverse mohawk…

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