January 2010…

Natalie: “Where do you get your energy?”

Nicholas: “From the Polish guy.”

I am still puzzled by this conversation 8 years later


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Life Lessons…

Another one from the archives… This convo happened back in 2013, Nick would have been about 7. He came running up to us all excited because his friend had filled him in on the only 2 things you need to know in life. The first, according to this friend is humping. We were laughing so hard we didn’t hear what the second most important thing is.

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Stress Balls…

Conversations with Nicholas: From the archives… this conversation took place this summer after he finished packing his bag for camp…
Nick: Hey Mum, what’s up with the stress balls?
Me: stress balls??
Nick: Yeah, in my lunch…
Me: Plums. They are plums, NOT stress balls.
Nick: oh! Well THAT makes much more sense. 


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The other night a friend asked Nick what he wanted to be when he grew up… He pondered briefly, leaned back, crossed his legs and with an almost imperceptible nod of his head replied,

“A lottery winner.”

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First Day Jitters

This morning was brutal. It was Nicholas’ first day of school and to say that he did not want to go would be the understatement of the decade. He was okay until the teachers came outside to take the new JK kids in. Then all hell broke loose. He started screaming bloody murder. So me being the caring, compassionate mother I am, picked him up, kissed him and carried him toward the door. For those of you who know Marmaduke the dog, that was my son as I tried to carry him crying and screaming into the school. He had his little arms and legs outstretched frantically reaching  for the door frame or anything else he could grab on to. I finally managed to get him inside the school then he took avery opportunity he could to make a break for freedom. Each time I let go of him he’d run, sobbing to the door and pound on it begging Daddy to come get him. Eventually Mrs. H came into the hall and tried to pry him off me. “You go, he’ll be fine” So I managed to extricate myself from his grip (It’s amazing how strong thelittle bugger is) and run out the door. The last thing I heard was Nicholas screaming “MOMMY!” I hope Thursday is better.

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Summer Fun

Summer is almost over, and I have the feeling of acomplishing nothing.
The work I was going to do with the kids to prep them for the upcoming year, not done.
The organizing I started in the spring that I was going to finish, not done.
The trip down east, not done.
The prep work for my book, not done.
So what have we accomplished? We’ve had fun. We’ve managed to squeeze in 4 camping trips, 1 trip 2 Niagara, 2 trips to Ottawa and 5 trips to Wonderland and there’s still a week and a half left!!!
I may not have done what I intendet to do, but I did have a wonderful summer playing with my children!

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Back in July I posted about Nicholas losing all his toys. Every. Single. One. Apparently toys aren’t all that important to him as he has yet to earn them back. He was doing okay for a while and earned back a handful, but has since lost them all again. It has been a trying summer to say the least. The funny thing is it doesn’t really seem to bother him at all.

I wonder how many phone calls I will get from Mrs. E when school starts in September…

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