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Nevermind the Terrible twos…

Nicholas was a pretty good two year old. Sure he had his days of whining and tantrums, but he was generally civil enough to leave them at home, at least pretending to be a sweet, well mannered kid while we were out in public. Now that he is 3 all that seems to have changed. He delights in screaming NO at the top of his lungs when I tell him to stay in the cart. He believes if he launches himself from the seat of the grocery cart he will miraculously land unscathed and ready to grab cookies and treats from the shelves. He is appalled when I force him to sit down and re-attach him to the cart. I have seriously debated bringing a roll of duct tape with me on our excursions, hoping to contain him long enough to fill my grocery cart. In the past week I have had to football carry him, kicking and screaming, while carrying his coat and boots (which he threw at me whilst we were in the store) no less than 5 times. FIVE TIMES! Each time it ended with me pinning him down just long enough to strap him into his carseat. I am trying to be consistent and patient(ish) with him. Trying to lead by example. Let me tell you it is hard! Some days I put myself into a time out, just to escape!

Here’s hoping 4 will be better …

I. am. so. tired. of. fighting.


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Crisis averted, puppy has been found!

Losing puppy on Monday night was, um, not nice. Nicholas was devastated. He cried and cried and cried. He is so cute! He kept saying “I love my little puppy soooo much, i want my little puppy!” He cried for a good 45 minutes while we scoured the house to no avail. He turned up the next day, apparently Nicholas had taken him into the dojo, and apparently he had left him sitting there, on the floor beside the toy box. We went in on Tuesday for my class and there he was. The look of pure joy that spread across Nicholas’ face simply warmed my heart. If only we could all hang onto that innocence where a simple stuffed puppy cures all that ails you.

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Help,we lost Puppy

No, he’s not a real dog, he’s Nicholas’ stuffed dog aptly named puppy. Losing him is a disaster. Nicholas cried for about 45 minutes last night before bed, he wanted his little puppy. “Mommy, I love him so much” he said. So far we have been unable to locate him. I am hoping he is at Karate, Nicholas claims he brought him yesterday … I dunno. We’ll go for an all out puppy search today!

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