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Back in July I posted about Nicholas losing all his toys. Every. Single. One. Apparently toys aren’t all that important to him as he has yet to earn them back. He was doing okay for a while and earned back a handful, but has since lost them all again. It has been a trying summer to say the least. The funny thing is it doesn’t really seem to bother him at all.

I wonder how many phone calls I will get from Mrs. E when school starts in September…


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He’s growing up…

I have been telling Nicholas for months to STOP GROWING. He’s not listening. I have begged, pleaded and even threatened to strap bricks to his head, all to no avail. No matter what I say or do, my baby boy is growing up and loving it! He simply can’t wait to be “big to the ceiling” – his words not mine. Like most kids he is already anticipating many grown up activities, most notably, “When I get big I’m gonna drink beer and watch hockey.” GREAT! Definitely a Canadian kid. Another favourite of mine “When I turn 8 can you please buy me a monorcycle (motorcycle) Mom? I’ll let you ride it with me.” I’ve told him repeatedly that I will never buy him a motorcycle. Ever!

It seems every time I look at him his face is a bit more mature, he appears to be a bit taller and more grown up. Each day I am losing a tiny bit of my baby boy. AT the same time though, I am gaining a sweet, happy-go-lucky, stubborn, insistent little man who is so much fun. He loves to play ball and read and colour and make crafts. Most of all he just loves spending time with his Mommy, Daddy and Sissy.While I miss my baby and sometimes feel sad because he is our last, I am so happy to be able to be home with him, spending time with him, teaching him and just enjoying all life’s little stages, well most of them anyway!

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Nicholas’ behaviour has been…less than desirable lately. Although he is a good kid, he sometimes has issues with listening. On Tuesday he pushed me too far and I had enough. When we came home, I completely stripped his room of toys. He lost everything!! I even took the pictures off the wall ( I actually had tge song from the Grinch running through my head at the time) I then explained that all his toys are priveleges and now he needs to earn them back. For every day he is good, he earns back 1 toy. So far he’s managed 1 toy… This could take a while.

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What was I Thinking?

Usually I consider myself a fairly smart person. Usually. Today … not so much! I don’t know what I was thinking, but I decided to prime the table and chairs with Nicholas as my little helper. He’s 3 with the attention span of a newt. I gave him an itty bitty paintbrush and let him loose. He had a blast! It was actually pretty cute. Needless to say the furniture is now primed. So is Nicholas, my kitchen floor, me… I cleaned up so much paint today it isn’t funny.

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He knows not what he says…

Nicholas is a parrot. He repeats everything, and not always right away, sometimes it’s weeks later.
Tonight we were upstairs cleaning his room and he looks up at me and pit of the blue he exclaims “Your mother is a twit.” I was like “pardon me?” He repeats the statement, followed by a little giggle. Turns out he heard it from the movie “Matilda”
Mental note: be extra careful with what he watches. I think it’s just Dora and Barney from now on!

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Shopping Experience…

Lately shopping with Nicholas has become an adventure. I never know what will happen!
Yesterday we ventured out to Home Outfitters to look at duvets. Nicholas was happy, but energetic. As I tried to make sense of the vast selection, he tried to be helpful by selecting various styles, colours and sizes of sheets he thought we should buy. After what seemed like an eternity, not only to me but to everyone else in the store, I decided on a synthetic gel filled duvet, which we love! Nicholas then helped me pick out some pillows, and of course a little shovel for him.

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Energizer Bunny

I would love to know where Nicholas gets his energy. He seriously never stops. We played all day yesterday, he had swimming lessons (which he cried right through) came home for dinner and a bath, then off to bed … or so I thought. He was up and down, and up and down. I caught him playing hockey with pocket change on the floor in his room. WTH? I took all the toys away and put him back to bed but by this time he way totally wired for sound. I lay down with him for a few minutes, and he chatted non-stop. Really. NON STOP! I left the room and closed the door. I did hear a bit more rustling around, but shortly thereafter he conked out. If only I could have a fraction of his energy, a small percentage, that’s all I need!

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