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Summer Vacation is Almost here!

Only 2.5 more school days left! YAY! I can’t wait to have Natalie home with me for the summer! We don’t have anything planned as of yet, she does have a summer day camp, but other than that we are just playing it by ear. I know we’ll be at Wonderland a lot! She is looking forward to summer vacation too. Especially being able to sleep in. In that respect she definitely takes after her Daddy and Nuna. She is a night owl! She can easily stay up until 10pm or 11pm! At least


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It’s important to be Flexible

Flexibility in life is important. Natalie has been taking this theory to the next level. She has been working diligently at improving her flexibility, specifically her middle splits. Tonight she jumped and landed in splits. In a parking lot! Sensei challenged her to train her splits on chairs. As soon as we got home she tried it. I took a photo of her first attempt. OUCH!

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First Grey Hair, Seriously?

I found a grey hair today. I was shocked, not because it is my first grey hair, but Natalie’s. Your heard that right, Natalie. She’s 8 and there is a single grey hair right at the back of her head. Kinda funny actually. A few weeks ago she was brushing my hair when she said, “I really like your hair Mommy, you have lots of beautiful white streaks in it!” Now I knew I had grey hair, quite a lot of grey hair, but I had been deluding myself, thinking I was the only one who noticed it. Guess not. Not sure if I should point out the single grey hair to her or not…

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The Nosebleed

Poor Natalie, last night she woke up in the middle of the night with a wicked nosebleed. Being the sweet little girl that she is she tried to take care of it by herself, but couldn’t. It wound up taking us about an hour to stop the bleeding and get her back to sleep. Not an hour later the poor thing was up with a nightmare. I wound up just crashing in her bed for the rest of the night. She slept in this morning and went into school late.

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Something happened on the way to Karate on Friday night that took me back in time. Nicholas started asking about “our kitty Timon” who died back in 2006.  I told him that Timon was up in heaven with God. He pondered this for a moment and asked “where’s heaven?”

This brought me back to the days after we lost Timon. I was in a grief induced stupor, choking back tears every time Natalie asked about Timon. In an effort to comfort her, I told her she would always hold his memory in her heart, so a part of him would always be with her. I also told her that Timon was up in heaven with God, looking down on us. One afternoon she was playing in the driveway with Luigi when she just stopped and turned her face skyward. She remained that way for a moment or 2, then continues on playing with Daddy. When he asked what she had been doing, she replied simply “saying hi to Timon, I miss him”

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Incentives, a Powerful Parenting Tool

Everybody realizes that incentives are a great way to get results. How many of us would willingly hop out of bed and go to work every day were it not for the lure of the paycheck, or monetary incentive awaiting us at the end of the week.

We recently got a reminder of the importance of tangible incentives for our kids. Allow me to explain. Less than one month ago, I was fighting daily with Natalie about her reading. She wanted nothing to do with improving her reading or reading anything on a daily, or even weekly basis. She was fine to be read to though. She claimed that she already knew how to read, and didn’t need to improve at all. We struggled like this throughout most of the summer.

On October 1st, she came home from school with a “monthly reading log”. Each child in the class was instructed to record, in minutes that amount of time they had spent reading, or being read to. Each student who met their montly goal of 200 minutes was promised a gift certificate for a free pizza. Natalie was so excited she read for 64 minutes the first night! I was flabbergasted! It is now October 27th and Miss Natalie has just hit 500 minutes. 500 minutes! This from the child who balked reading even 5 minutes less than a month ago!

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