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After School Craziness

My husband thinks I am nuts … and perhaps I am …

Natalie came running up to me after school wanting a friend to come over for a play date. No problem, whats one more kid. WELL, before I knew it we had 3 extra kids and 2 moms coming over for a visit. The chaos and noise level in the house was And I LOVED it. The kids demolished Natalie’s room, made a fort, had a pillow fight, ate a HUGE snack, played dodgeball (NOT a great indoor game) and managed to clean the whole mess up before heading home at 6:00pm. Not too shabby for an afternoon’s work, er play. Once again though there was a slight commotion when the time came for our friends to go home. No one wanted to leave. There was some whining and some obligatory tears, us Moms were horrible and mean; that is in our job description, isn’t it? All in all a successful Thursday!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow, it is a PA day after all!


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Lately it seems like Natalie is growing up far too quickly. for the past 4 or 5 days, she has been asking to put Nicholas to bed for us. The cute thing is Nicholas just LOVES it! They head upstairs together, Natalie gets his jammies on, they brush their teeth. Natalie will then read him multiple stories and they snuggle in bed together. She is such a sweet, kind loving little girl and Nicholas loves her soo much.

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Little Blessings :: MOM … I love you.

This one always makes me stop and smile. It usually happens on nights like tonight when I am tired and anxious to just get the kids in bed. Both kids do it, just differently. Nicholas will start yelling Mom, mom, MOOOOOOM. When I relpy “WHAT?!” he’ll quietly say “Iloveyou” really fast so all the words run together. Natalie is my gentle soul. She can sense when I need it, she come up to me quietly, wrap her arms around my neck, rest her head on my shoulder and say “I love you Mommy”

Both bring tears to my eyes when they do this. They make me realize the important things in life. The give me the ability to push through the fatigue and be the best Mom that I can be, to be the type of Mom that they deserve. They are awesome kids. I love them and I am so proud of them and I thank God every day for blessing me with them.

Thank You God.

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Science Project :: The “Bolcano”

Both Nicholas and Natalie are very inquisitive kids. We have started making volcanoes, or “bolcanos” as Nicholas calls them. Pretty much every morning after we drop Natalie off at school, Nicholas asks if we can make one. Let me tell you, it is fun, but messy. We are also going through a crazy amount of vinegar, baking soda and food colouring.

Next week we are going to try making one with diet coke and mentos, its supposed to be “explosive”… should be fun!

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Nicholas is sick :(

Nicholas has been ill for the past few days. I so hate seeing him sick. I think he is starting to feel a little bit better today. The only bonus is he is content to lie in my bed and let me get some work done. I usually don’t post about work on this blog, but I am offering 35% off all my designs in my ebay store including photo birthday invitations, Photo Christmas cards, Photo birth announcements and more. This offer is valid until November 30th, 2009. Please take a moment and check it out!

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Embarassing Moment “Mom I’m Hungry”

I believe everyone has heard the saying “Kids say the Darnedest things.” My kid is living proof!

Monday night at Karate, Nicholas was whining that he was hungry and I was ignoring him (he hadn’t eaten his dinner). After about a half an hour he starts trying to undo the zipper on my jeans. I swatted his hand away and told him to “get out of there”. His response, “But Moooom, I’m huuungry!” SERIOUSLY KID?! What do you think you’re going to find in there! The moment was made even more embarrassing as that was when Sensei chose to walk into the room. Nice. Now all the parents are looking at me sideways wondering why we don’t have a lock on our bedroom door. Sigh.

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Yesterday was a busy day! Nicholas had preschool playshop, then it was off to Karate, then dart off to Walmart to buy a B-day gift, then off to pick up Caitlyn from school, then get Natalie from school, then over to Natalie and Kevin’s house for dinner and play. Incredibly enough Nicholas didn’t even get tired with all that running around. I was a little worried that he would be a crankizoid by the time 3:00pm rolled around!

The kids had so much fun over at Kevin’s house. It was a bonus for the Mums too, because we got to sit and chat while they played happily away. Of course the happiness only lasted until we told them it was time to tidy up as we were heading home. Then the tears and accusations started. I can understand their frustration, after all, they had only had a measly 4.5 hours to play together, and it was ONLY 8:00pm. Mommy is such a party pooper! The day was really just getting started!  Pass the Bad Mommy award please!

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