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Natalie’s growing up!

Natalie never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes she can be so grown up. Yesterday, once she was feeling better, she was all about taking care of Nicholas. She brought down about 20 teddy bears, some blankets and pillows and set up a “comfy snuggle ares” on our loveseat. It was way too cute. Nicholas just lapped it up. He loves having her home from school, a change from boring old mum I suppose…

He’s at Laurie’s today playing with Jada, so I bet he’s having and amazing day. Tomorrow is “fake injury day” at school so I have to figure out how I am going to make Natalie look like she’s injured. She wants to cover herself with bandaids!


I just wanted to add that fake injury day went well. I found some old red fabric down in my sewing basket and made her a sling. Then we wrapped a tensor bandage loosely around her head. We topped it off with bandaids all over her face. Of course Nicholas wanted in on the action, so we put a couple of bandaids on him as well.


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Sick Day

Natalie is home from school today, she woke up with a sore tummy. Since the kids in her class are dropping like flies, I decided to keep her home for the day. It’s now 2:18 and she’s bouncing off the walls, she says she feels 100% better… Oh well, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Nicholas is ecstatic that she’s home too, so that’s a good thing.

Nicholas makes me laugh. He is getting so good at using his words now. Hi woke up this morning at 6:30am (ugh) mama, mama…..MOOOOOOM!

Mum always said I need to start recording their cute little sayings. I’m hoping since I am on the computer so much this blog will help. I think my favourite at this point is “appie juice, peese mum”.

He did another big pee on the toilet this morning. He is still inconsistent, but he is definately improving! Once spring rolls around I’ll get some big boy underwear and we’ll go all out with the potty training.

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