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At My Wits End

I love my children, I love my children…. Some days it seems this is my mantra. Letely Nicholas has been particularily trying. He has, unfortunately, discovered some…. unsavoury words. He swears like a trucker! Really, its not as bad as that, his favourite phrase at the moment is poosh*t, poohsh*t, and he says it whenever he doesn’t get his own way – which is often. He also likes to throw in the occasional JC, and last weekend he dropped the F bomb. That got him a bar of Irish spring in the mouth. We have tried ignoring it, talking to him, time outs, taking toys away, soap,  you name it! Basically there is always a reprecussion, and he doesn’t seem to care! Sigh, here’s hoping it looses it’s appeal, and soon! Nothing like being out in public with your adorabe 2 year old and having him curse. Wish me luck.


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Attention Span

Well it seems my darling daughter had inherited my issues with a short attention span. Like me, she has good intentions, but is VERY eeasily distracted. I spoke with Mrs. D at the beginning of the week, and apparantly she has been even more distracted than usual, and from her report card, we see it is affecting her marks. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not doing poorly, mostly B’s with some C’s, but we know she could do better. The most aggravating thing for me is when I try to talk to her about it, I get “I don’t CARE” I already know everythin ;P “Really,” I ask “then what’s 5X5?” her response…”I don’t need to know that!” I suppose it’s God’s way of preparing us for what’s in store in the teenage years…

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Natalie’s Distracted

I am so glad I have the opportunity to volunteer in Natalie’s class. I truly believe both she and I are at an advantage because I am in the class. Today I learned she has been distracted lately. Mrs. D isn’t sure why, but it has been going on for about 2 weeks. Coincidentally, she had som issues with another girl, we’ll call her Kay about 2 weeks ago. I spoke with her about it tonight and she claims she doesn’t even remember the incident. I’ll keep harping on her and I’m sure the truth will come out!

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Yellow Belt

We are so proud of Natalie. She had he first Karate grading on Saturday and she did awesome! She lost focus a few times, but she completed everything that Sensei required, so at the end was presented with a brand new yellow belt. 4 other children were grading with her and they all did very well. I am amazed at how well she knows her Kata now. I can’t believe how quickly she flies through it. Sometimes she needs to be reminded to slow down and take her time, she goes THAT fast! Louie and I are disgusted with ourselves thoug, we packed the cameras, got them all ready, and left them in the bag…right beside the front door. UGH. Luckily Fran had me take photos on her camers, so we’ll get some from her.

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Nicholas has, for some strange reason, began experimenting with foul language. He has discovered *sshole, sh*t, and most recently, f*ck. We’ve tried time outs, taking toys away, explaining to him, ignoring it…nothing fazed him. Yesterday, when he dropped the f-bomb the first time, I resorted to good, old fashioned soap. I whipped out the irish spring and stuck it in his mouth, he didn’t like it at all. He hasn’t said it since. Hopefull we are done with it, at least until he is a teenager!

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Sometimes I think I am going to go nuts. I know it makes no sense, I love my life, I have a wonderful husband, awesome kids, great house, great parents, work from home, the whole 9 yards. But sometimes in the midst of all the insanity that is my life I would like to call TIME! Seriously, I can’t be the only one who would like to pause life, slip into a hot bathtub with quiet music, a glass of wine and a book and enjoy. (and not worry about the million things to do, and the kids and the…) you get my drift!

On another note, Nicholas was way too cute this morning, he crawled into bed with Natalie instead of us…YAY. Luckily she doesn’t mind

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