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Sharing our Bed…

Some nights our bed seems to shrink in size. Natalie has been coming in and joining us for a variety of reasons ranging from “I had a bad dream” to “I don’t know!” It used to bother me, and I would make her go back into her own room. Then I came to the realization that it won’t go on forever, and pretty soon she won’t want to snuggle with Mummy and Daddy. If I am being completely honest, I actually do love the snuggle time with her. I’ve trained her to crawl over me and lie down between Louie and I, simply beacuse I hate being sandwiched between them. I feel so clausterphopic. So for now we’ve resigned ourselves to cramped sleeping conditions and the realization that if Nicholas starts hopping into bed with us we’re going to have to buy a bigger bed!


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I Hate Vomit

Well, Nicholas was sick Wednesday night. He wasn’t himself most of the day, then around 7pm he started vomiting. I should have realized it was coming when he woudn’t eat a chocolate chip, he claimed he didn’t like it!  Poor Natalie was so disgusted, but she was a real trooper and ran upstairs to get me a clean garbage can. Natalie wound up sleepin in bed with Daddy, and I slept on the couch with Nicholas beside me on a mattress on the floor (hardwood is MUCH easier to clean.) He was feeling much better by morning, but he wasn’t himself again until Yesterday.

I finally let him have milk again today…big mistake! I just went in to check on him before I went to bed. Poor kid had a massive diarrhea. His entire room reeks! I had to wake him to change him. He was NOT a happy boy. He wouldn’t let me put his pants back on so I’m hoping the diaper stays on through the night.

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Natalie’s Karate

Natalie’s friend Kevin has decided to join her at her Karate class. This makes my life so much easier, as now I don’t have to fight her to go to class. The thing is she enjoys it when she is there, but ever since Brooke quit, she just hasn’t wanted to go! I’m hoping now the fight will be over.

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appie Juse : Apple Juice

‘maginton = Imagination

‘licious = Delicious

sis = Natalie

nigh nigh = good night

myshoal = commercial

berry heaby! = very heavy

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Big Boy Bed Revisited

We had another successful night in the big boy bed. Nicholas went down at 8pm and slept through until 8am. I think the secret is making sure that he is exhausted! We went down to Winterfest yesterday afternoon, so he didn’t get a real nap. Natalie had a ball though. They had a huge slide made out of ice and snow. I went down with her, it was so much fun. Poor Nicholas slept through it though.

Natalie is addicted to her DS. The worst part is I’m not sure who is worse, Natalie or Luigi! No kidding he loves that thing too. He goes online and finds cheats to help her get to the next level. After she goes to bed, sometimes he’ll play for a while without her. I must say I’ve never understood the draw to video games. To each his own I suppose

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Big Boy Bed…the saga continues!

Hmmm, so things have not gone quite as smoothly the last few nights. Nicholas has wound up back in the crib simply because he won’t stay in the bed. He gets really upset when we move him though, so hopefully he’ll catch on soon. He’s down for a nap now, in the crib because he refused to stay in the bed. He no longer feels he needs to nap. UGH. He woke up in tears last night, I’m not sure what the problem was, but he finally calmed down and went back to sleep in his bed… Who knows.

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Leafs Game

Tuesday night Luigi and I drove down to the city to see the leafs play. What is unusual about this is normally, when Louie gets leafs tickets he takes John or Gary… No big deal. When he phoned last week to see if I could get a sitter, honestly, my first thought was “what did he do…” Anyway, so we get down to the ACC and go inside. The tickets Louie had were in a coporate box. Well! Let me tell you, THAT is the way to see a hockey game! I do enjoy a live game regardless, but the box took it to a whole other level! There was tons of food, good wine, good company. I met some interesting people and we had a fantastic time!

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