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Stress Balls…

Conversations with Nicholas: From the archives… this conversation took place this summer after he finished packing his bag for camp…
Nick: Hey Mum, what’s up with the stress balls?
Me: stress balls??
Nick: Yeah, in my lunch…
Me: Plums. They are plums, NOT stress balls.
Nick: oh! Well THAT makes much more sense. 



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The other night a friend asked Nick what he wanted to be when he grew up… He pondered briefly, leaned back, crossed his legs and with an almost imperceptible nod of his head replied,

“A lottery winner.”

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He’s growing up…

I have been telling Nicholas for months to STOP GROWING. He’s not listening. I have begged, pleaded and even threatened to strap bricks to his head, all to no avail. No matter what I say or do, my baby boy is growing up and loving it! He simply can’t wait to be “big to the ceiling” – his words not mine. Like most kids he is already anticipating many grown up activities, most notably, “When I get big I’m gonna drink beer and watch hockey.” GREAT! Definitely a Canadian kid. Another favourite of mine “When I turn 8 can you please buy me a monorcycle (motorcycle) Mom? I’ll let you ride it with me.” I’ve told him repeatedly that I will never buy him a motorcycle. Ever!

It seems every time I look at him his face is a bit more mature, he appears to be a bit taller and more grown up. Each day I am losing a tiny bit of my baby boy. AT the same time though, I am gaining a sweet, happy-go-lucky, stubborn, insistent little man who is so much fun. He loves to play ball and read and colour and make crafts. Most of all he just loves spending time with his Mommy, Daddy and Sissy.While I miss my baby and sometimes feel sad because he is our last, I am so happy to be able to be home with him, spending time with him, teaching him and just enjoying all life’s little stages, well most of them anyway!

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First Grey Hair, Seriously?

I found a grey hair today. I was shocked, not because it is my first grey hair, but Natalie’s. Your heard that right, Natalie. She’s 8 and there is a single grey hair right at the back of her head. Kinda funny actually. A few weeks ago she was brushing my hair when she said, “I really like your hair Mommy, you have lots of beautiful white streaks in it!” Now I knew I had grey hair, quite a lot of grey hair, but I had been deluding myself, thinking I was the only one who noticed it. Guess not. Not sure if I should point out the single grey hair to her or not…

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Embarassing Moment “Mom I’m Hungry”

I believe everyone has heard the saying “Kids say the Darnedest things.” My kid is living proof!

Monday night at Karate, Nicholas was whining that he was hungry and I was ignoring him (he hadn’t eaten his dinner). After about a half an hour he starts trying to undo the zipper on my jeans. I swatted his hand away and told him to “get out of there”. His response, “But Moooom, I’m huuungry!” SERIOUSLY KID?! What do you think you’re going to find in there! The moment was made even more embarrassing as that was when Sensei chose to walk into the room. Nice. Now all the parents are looking at me sideways wondering why we don’t have a lock on our bedroom door. Sigh.

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My ‘Nother Chin…

I’m not sure if the title will give this one away, but a few days ago Nicholas was lovingly pretending to put sunscreen on my face. He was so sweet and so gentle, it was adorable. The process went something like this:

Nicholas: “I’m putting sunscreen on your face Mom, you need sunscreen. Put some on your forehead, on your eyes, on your cheek.” There was a slight pause here for him to reload. “Some on your ‘nother cheek, on your nose … on your chin, some on your ‘nother chin…”

At this point I can’t help it. I start laughing as he is contunuing to spread imaginary sunscreen on my neck. I can’t help but ask “Nicholas honey, exactly how many chins does Mommy have?” To which he cheerfully responded, “TWO”.

Lesson learned, don’t ask a preschooler something you don’t want an honest answer to!

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