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Nicholas’ behaviour has been…less than desirable lately. Although he is a good kid, he sometimes has issues with listening. On Tuesday he pushed me too far and I had enough. When we came home, I completely stripped his room of toys. He lost everything!! I even took the pictures off the wall ( I actually had tge song from the Grinch running through my head at the time) I then explained that all his toys are priveleges and now he needs to earn them back. For every day he is good, he earns back 1 toy. So far he’s managed 1 toy… This could take a while.


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The Ultimate Tantrum

Natalie is generally a fantastic kid. She is kind, loving, respectful, well mannered… the list goes on and on. Which is why her occasional outbursts always take me completely off guard.

Tonight she had, what I believe, was her worst tantrum ever! Here’s how it went down. After several warnings about being careful with silly putty (oh how I HATE that crap) I noticed she was sporting a large blob of flourescent silly putty, it was ground in and melted to the fabric of her t-shirt, under her arm to be exact. Well that was it! I told her to hand over the silly putty, it was going in the garbage.

Um, to say she went off, would be an understatement. She screamed, she cried, she begged she pleaded and she threatened. (she swore she was never coming out of her room again!) I actually went around and closed windows, I was afraid the neighbours would call the cops, she was that loud. She did eventually calm down, but oh my was she ever mad!

She’s in bed now, and I’m sure she’ll mention it tomorrow, hopefully there will be no more tears!

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