Help stop the Spread…

I realize that many times, a person infected with a stomach virus is contagious before they know they are sick so they are sure to unknowingly infect others. What I don’t get is the number of individuals who will “fight through it” and go to work while they are sick, or send their child off to school after they vomited their breakfast.

Maybe the public is just unaware that they are still contagious even after the vomiting has stopped, for as long as 2-3 days. That means if you (or your child) has been ill, you shouldn’t resume normal activities until minimum 24 hours, preferably 72. What people also may not realize is that the virus lives in the vomit and feces of an infected person. If you take your sick child out to run a few errands and said child vomits in the middle of the grocery store, you have all but guaranteed that many of the people around you will wind up getting sick. Now at this point you may be thinking “big deal” and you’re right in many cases it isn’t a big deal. BUT to the mother quickly picking up some crackers for her daughter who is going through chemotherapy, it IS a big deal. To the middle aged couple with their frail 91 year old parent, it IS a big deal. To the young woman beside you who underwent open heart surgery 3 weeks ago, it is a VERY BIG DEAL.

Please, please, please, keep your kids home if they are sick. If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go out and spread the infection to everyone else.


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