May 2-4 Camping Trip

The summer camping season has arrived! YIPPEE!

On Friday we packed the trailer and headed up to Craigleith for our first camping trip of the season. To say the kids were merely excited would be the understatement of the decade. Nicholas was practically vibrating! All week it was “can we go camping now? Can we go camping now? How about now Mommy?” He could not wait to get to the campsite. As we were setting up the trailer all we heard was “can I go in now?”  “can I go in now?”  “can I go in now?” Well, you get the picture.

Craigleith is a beautiful, but small provincial park on Georgian Bay.  The kids were esctactic when they realized the shale beach was filled with thousands and thousands of fossils. I had no idea when I booked our campsite a week ago! We also discovered that shale rocks are, in my opinion, the best skipping stones ever!  Natalie loved skipping rocks accross the water. Nicholas on the other had, hadlittle patience for skipping, instead he spent his time ion the beach heaving the biggest rocks he could carry into the water. He’d laugh every time he splashed himself. As we sat and watched the kids on the rocky shore, I couldn’t help but think of Steven. When we were little I was always in awe of him. You see he could skip rocks. I couldn’t. When he skipped rocks, they skimmed the surface of the water. When I attempted to skip rocks, they splooshed uncerimoniously into the water a meter or so in front of me. Not nearly as much fun!

Each day we would walk over to the beach and hunt for fossils. Another favourite activity was playing at the park. The  kids made plenty of new friends. We attempted to play volleyball. (Note: ATTEMPTED.) We quickly realized that we were not very good. At all. Kids didn’t seem to mind though. Of course no camping trip would be complete without the nightly campfire and SMORES. YUM. Once the kids were in bed, Louie and I would break out the big smokies and roast them over the fire. (Gee, I wonder why I gain weight in the summer)

Monday came and of course the kids did not want to go home. Despite their protests, we packed up the trailer and left the park. We still managed to spend most of the day outside and when bedtime rolled around we realized that poor Natalie had a touch of heat stroke. Poor kid felt horrible. She’s home from school this morning. I’ll likely take her in this afternoon.


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