Time Flies

April is half over. CRAZY! We are in the process of several home renovation projects. Refinishing furniture, new floors and now the garage door. I am the queen of starting projects and not finishing them. This week I have been stripping the garage door and let me tell you it was far more work than I had anticipated! I think it is almost ready to prime, I just have to fix a few rotten spots first. The kids have been fantastic, helping me and not getting in the way.Too much…

Natalie has a loose molar and it is really bothering her for some reason. We’ve never had that issue before, I’m not too sure what is going on. Luckily she just had a dentist appointment, so I am not worried that their is anything wrong.

Crazy tax procrastination. I hate doing our taxes. Two weeks til the deadline and I still haven’t even purchased the software. Luckily our returns are fairly simple and can be completed in a day. Maybe I’ll start next week.

I’m all over the map tonight. Time for tea then bed. Night all!


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