Sick again!

There is currently a bad stomach flu ripping through our fair city. The children in Natalie’s school are dropping like flies and have been for about a month. Natalie suffered with it two weeks ago over Easter. She felt fine when I picked her up at school on Thursday so we stayed to play at the park. She went from fine to “my tummy hurts” to vomiting in 15 minutes flat. It hit that fast. Then the poor kid had to walk home where she crashed on the couch. I got out my trusty bottle of bleach and disenfected every conceivable surface in the house, twice! Then I had to phone Mum and Dad to let them know we wouldn’t be coming for Easter for fear of infecting them too. I felt so bad for Natalie, she was crushed. Then I waited to see who else in the house would succumb to the nasty virus. Imagine my delight when the 1 week marker came and went and we were all fine!

Last night (2 weeks after his sister) Nicholas awoke at 3:30am, covered in vomit. ICK. At least he was happy,  bouncing around apologizing for the mess in the bed. He awoke at 5am sick again, then was up for the day at 7. He’s been funny today, he’ll go from bouncing around to writhing in pain on the couch in like, a nanosecond. Seriously! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “why is he bouncing around if he’s sick?” Well, the only way I can think of to keep him still involves duct tape, crazy glue and possibly staples. I am thinking CAS may have issues with this option. So now we sit and wait. I am hoping the worst has past and he’ll start keeping food down now. I’m off to disinfect the house. Again.


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