Are We Out of our MINDS?!

We are contemplating a kitchen reno. Not a full fledged pull everything out reno, mind you, but still a fairly large scale face lift. We’re looking at a new ceramic floor, paint, refinishing the table and chairs, new lighting, and decorative backsplash. The reason I am doubting my sanity is because we are considering doing all the work ourselves. HMMM… Considering that we are polar opposites in almost every way, it could be a recipe for disaster. Add to that we are both impossibly stubborn.  I have a marriage counselor on speed dial, should the need arise!

We went to Lowes yesterday and what started as a quick trip turned into a 2 hour marathon, trying to decide on the perfect tile combination (did  I mention we are polar opposites?) Seriously what I love he hates and vice versa! We did manage to find a combination that we both liked that won’t totally break the bank. Now we are researching the best way to go about tearing out the tiles and lino we currently have. We are also sifting through a mountain of paint chips, contemplating which shade of cream will best match the cupboards.

It should be an interesting ride, that’s for sure!


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