Something happened on the way to Karate on Friday night that took me back in time. Nicholas started asking about “our kitty Timon” who died back in 2006.  I told him that Timon was up in heaven with God. He pondered this for a moment and asked “where’s heaven?”

This brought me back to the days after we lost Timon. I was in a grief induced stupor, choking back tears every time Natalie asked about Timon. In an effort to comfort her, I told her she would always hold his memory in her heart, so a part of him would always be with her. I also told her that Timon was up in heaven with God, looking down on us. One afternoon she was playing in the driveway with Luigi when she just stopped and turned her face skyward. She remained that way for a moment or 2, then continues on playing with Daddy. When he asked what she had been doing, she replied simply “saying hi to Timon, I miss him”


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