First Skating Lesson

Last Night Nicholas had his very first skating lesson, and let me tell you, it was hilarious. Think “Bambi”. He was so excited that he made it to the ice before I did and he charged on in before I could catch up. Well, as soon as his skates hit the ice his little feet flew out from under him and he landed square on his bottom. Not one to be easily discouraged, he immediately tried to get back on his feet … and promply fell on his face. NICE! The instructor picked him up and kept him vertical him until I got to him. The entire lesson consisted of him falling and me picking him up. He seriously can’t stand with the skates on his feet, and it is like he doesn’t really care. He just kept trying and trying. When he got tired, he’d simply roll around the ice to get where he wanted! Too funny. He had a ball but by the time we got off the ice my back was KILLING me. 9 more weeks left … hopefully by the end he’ll be able to stand.


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