After School Craziness

My husband thinks I am nuts … and perhaps I am …

Natalie came running up to me after school wanting a friend to come over for a play date. No problem, whats one more kid. WELL, before I knew it we had 3 extra kids and 2 moms coming over for a visit. The chaos and noise level in the house was And I LOVED it. The kids demolished Natalie’s room, made a fort, had a pillow fight, ate a HUGE snack, played dodgeball (NOT a great indoor game) and managed to clean the whole mess up before heading home at 6:00pm. Not too shabby for an afternoon’s work, er play. Once again though there was a slight commotion when the time came for our friends to go home. No one wanted to leave. There was some whining and some obligatory tears, us Moms were horrible and mean; that is in our job description, isn’t it? All in all a successful Thursday!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow, it is a PA day after all!


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