Yesterday was a busy day! Nicholas had preschool playshop, then it was off to Karate, then dart off to Walmart to buy a B-day gift, then off to pick up Caitlyn from school, then get Natalie from school, then over to Natalie and Kevin’s house for dinner and play. Incredibly enough Nicholas didn’t even get tired with all that running around. I was a little worried that he would be a crankizoid by the time 3:00pm rolled around!

The kids had so much fun over at Kevin’s house. It was a bonus for the Mums too, because we got to sit and chat while they played happily away. Of course the happiness only lasted until we told them it was time to tidy up as we were heading home. Then the tears and accusations started. I can understand their frustration, after all, they had only had a measly 4.5 hours to play together, and it was ONLY 8:00pm. Mommy is such a party pooper! The day was really just getting started!  Pass the Bad Mommy award please!


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    Tamara said,

    Oh have I been there! These kids always seem to be able to make us feel bad when they only get 2-5 hours of playing with friends. Or when we make them take a nap. Or when we make them eat! How mean we are, huh?!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

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