Remembrance Day 2009

I was watching the a Remembrance Day Ceremony on our local station, and learned that only 81% of Canadians support the observation of Remembrance Day.

REALLY, only 81%? Are you kidding me? Do the other 19%  ( Approx 6,329,163 people) not enjoy the freedom that we enjoy each and every day? Do they not enjoy the PEACE we are fortunate enough to have in our country? Some may say that 81% isn’t bad, but personally I am appalled. I am so thankful for all the men and women who fought and continue fighting for the beliefs and ideas on which CANADA was founded.

One day a year hardly seems sufficient to thank veterans who willingly left their family and friends, put themselves in harms way so for not only Canadians, but citizens of repressed countries like Afghanistan. I am teaching my children to respect and honour war veterans, and to be grateful for their sacrifices. I am proud that our school is teaching our children about Remembrance Day & our veterans.

So to all our Canadian Veterans and Troops, Thank you. I stand behind you. I believe in you, and I appreciate what you have done and are doing.


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