My Little Blessings

Surrounded as we are with advertisements for all thing material, sometimes it is hard to sit back and realize how many “little blessings” God has bestowed on us. I am not talking about anything material. I am talking about the many little things in my life that make me truly happy, the type of things that money cannot buy. I realized yesterday (not for the first time, of course) that I have some really fabulous friends. I was at the H1N1 clinic which, as you may have read in my post yesterday, was running really behind.  As the minutes ticked by I kept anxiously looking at my watch and much to my chagrin, I realized that Nicholas and I would not be able to get our shots AND make it back to school in time to get Natalie. I didn’t want to have to get in line and wait again today. I phoned a friend who’s daughter is in Natalie’s class. She agreed to not only pick Natalie up, she also gave her a snack, lent her a bathing suit and took her to swimming lessons. Because of her generosity, we were able to get our shots and Natalie didn’t have to miss her lesson (plus she got to play with a friend). I am so grateful to have such fantastic people in my life.


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