This weekend was  a blur. Between Halloween, Karate, Nicholas’ birthday and Natalie’s science test, I can honestly say I am exhausted! It was awesome though.

Friday night Natalie and I went to Karate, I stayed for the adult class and got a chance to try using Nunchuks for the very first time. Let me tell you, it was FUN FUN FUN! I only remember the first few moves of the kata, as I spent a lot of time figuring out how to manipulate the chucks without hitting myself in the head, no small feat for someone with my lack of co-ordination. Yay me!

Saturday Morning both Natalie and Nicholas had karate, then it was home for a quick lunch, then off to the store for stuff for Nicholas’ birthday on Sunday. We come out of the grocery store, and there in the cart corral is a purse. I figure the lady that left it must be having a panic attack. I took it back inside to customer service while hubby got the kids and groceries loaded into the van.I am hoping she made it back to the store to retrieve her purse. I know how panicked I would be, and that is sooo something that I would do!

Then there was the touchy subject of the pumpkin. As usual we procrastinated and had not yet bought our pumpkin. In my defense, in past years we have bought them early only to have them: a) rot, because we left them inside; and b) get smashed, I’m assuming by the hundreds of high school kids that walk by our house each day. This year I figured we’d leave it to the last minute. Turns out there was a pumpkin shortage, so we drove all around trying to find a pumpkin, the last store we tried had 3 largish pumpkins left, so I hopped out of the van and ran to grab 1. Another lady beat me there and grabbed the 2 that weren’t completely rotten on one side. I was actually kinda upset, if it was me I would have taken one, then let her have the other one. Anyway, we wound up having to settle for 2 small pie pumpkins. It turned out okay because I let Natalie carve one all by herself as it was small enough for her to handle.

Trick or treating was a blast! Unfortunately it was cold, so Nicholas didn’t last too long, but he still managed to fill his bag right up to the brim! We dropped him off at home with Daddy then went out again. Natalie filled her bag again and got to see some friends along the way. We stopped at Brookes house and had a little visit before we headed home.


Nicholas had fun on his birthday. He was so excited to be 3.


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