Some Cheese with that WHINE?

Some days with kids are easier than others. Yesterday was one of those “challenging” days. It started almost immediately with Nicholas whining. I HATE whining. Everything was “I can’t.” As in “I can’t get dressed” and “I can’t brush my teeth” and “I can’t put my shoes on.” You get the picture. I finally manage to get him dressed and out the door, and he starts whining again … “I can’t walk to school, you carry me” You’ve GOT to be kidding me! He is a very energetic kid who could easily walk to school and back multiple times, if he feels like it. But if he doesn’t, watch out! So I spent the entire walk shaking him off my leg and ignoring him. (Pass the bad mommy award, I WON I WON! ) We manage to make it to the school and back without any major incidents or tantrums, so off we went to preschool playshop. Nicholas made a beautiful bat hat and marble painted spider web in honour of Halloween. He also ran around the gym like a maniac.

The whining started up again in full force in the afternoon. It was horrible. I was almost tempted to borrow hubby’s earplugs – it was that bad!  Luckily ignoring him completely seems to do the trick, so he settled somewhat before we had to go to the school. We picked Natalie up from school and after an early dinner, off we went to a Halloween party. The kids had a ball! There were games and crafts and prizes. The best part was the kids got to wear their costumes, so at least Natalie will get 3 wears out of her $40 bee costume! (She’s wearing it to school today!)

I am so hoping that this whining stage that Nicholas seems to be going through does not last long. I’m not sure what I’ll look like once I’ve pulled all my hair out!


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