There’s a Bee in the House!!

We went shopping for Natalie’s Halloween costume last night. Bad Mommy for leaving it this late, I know. She wanted to be the Grinch. I have been searching online for a while now, but was unable to find anything that wasn’t insanely expensive or cheesy. I did find a super cool homemade one, but lets face it: even being  the queen of procrastination there is no way short of pulling a few all niters that I could have a costume completed in time for her to wear to school tomorrow.

First we went to Walmart, no Grinch costume. I wasn’t surprised. The big problem was she didn’t want to wear a dress or skirt and she is now too big for the cutsey furry costumes. That left superheros, zombies or a doctor, none of which appealed to my darling daughter.We then went to the costume store, aka the “let’s rent a space and sell ridiculously overpriced costumes, store”. She did find a costume she liked though … a cute bumblebee costume which consisted of, wait for it, A DRESS, a headband, cheap wings and striped legwarmers. All for the bargain basement price of $35.98. Holy crap, next year remind me NOT to procrastinate.

I am thankful that I didn’t have to worry about a costume for Nicholas. He is dressing up as a cow. He is still too young to care what he dresses up as, all he cares about is the candy, so he’s wearing the cow costume I came across it in a box of hand me downs from my nephews. You’ve gotta love hand me downs!


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