Interesting Day

Nicholas discovered the “hole” in his undies. I caught him sitting cross legged on the floor hunched over carefully examining them. Then he stuck his hand in the front and out the little slot. He looked up at me and says  “Mom, what’s this Mom, why is there a hole in my underwear?” Now I’m in a pickle. I don’t really want to tell him. I am imagining him trying unsuccessfully to get his penis through the slot and up and over the toilet … not a pretty picture. So I lied. I don’t know why it’s there honey, now please take your hand out of your pants! Luckily  he moved onto something else and forgot about it! On a side note, Do men actually use the “slot” in the underwear. I don’t personally see fishing a penis through a little hole as a convenience. Wouldn’t it be easier to just flip it out over the top? (I am sooo glad I’m a woman!).

Natalie woke up at her usual time, but was pale, sneezing and stuffy, plus she was complaining of a pain in her side so I  decided to keep her home from school for the day. It meant missing my noontime Karate class, aka my “me” time, but such is life. Normally, I likely would have made her go, but in light of the H1N1 scare, I am perhaps a bit overly cautious. The morning went smoothly, she and Nicholas watched some TV, then did some colouring and drawing. Then she decided that she needed her alone time, so Nicholas and I sat on the floor and played puzzles. Please note that for Nicholas, playing puzzles entails him scattering the pieces all over the floor and Mommy patiently putting the pieces back together, repeat until Mommy gets mad. It’s my own fault really, the puzzle book he insists on using is full of puzzles that are far too challenging for him to complete, even with assistance.

Since Natalie was feeling better, and we were all suffering from cabin fever, I decided that I wasn’t going to miss my Karate class after all. I dragged the kids with me to watch. I had a fantastic class. After reviewing my 2 weapons katas, Sensei started teaching me a bo kata. How exciting! hopefully I’ll stop whacking myself in the legs with the bo soon! Of course Nicholas is fascinated and wants to play with the “big sticks” now.


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