The Prince and the Pillowcase

Nicholas is a “clothing optional” type of child. He will, whenever possible strip down to his birthday suit and parade around, not caring who can see him. We are trying to teach him that when we are out somewhere, or have guests over, it is not acceptable to be nude, he must wear clothes. We are meeting moderate success with implementing this rule.

Last week our neighbour popped over for a visit. Nicholas was upstairs naked as usual. Torn between knowing he needed to cover up and not wanting to take the time to grab some pants, he came up with a clever time saving solution: he quickly slipped into a pillowcase. Yes, you read that right, a pillowcase! He came sliding downstairs with a big goofy grin on his face! Problem was whenever he let go of the pillowcase it fell to the floor, leaving him exposed.

While I definitely give him credit for creativity, I had to add yet another rule to his growing list: pillowcases are not clothes and may not be substituted for pants (that is until he masters the belt!) But that is a post for another day!


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