Natalie’s Karate Tournament

We are so proud of Natalie! Today she participated in her second Karate Tournament. Being a memorial tournament, this one was far larger than her last one in May, so she was understandably nervous. When we arrived, she observed the other athletes for a while before going to warm up and practice her katas. She was particularly nervous about her weapons kata, so she worked on it repeatedly!

First she competed in weapons, and placed 5th. She was quite nervous and zoomed thought her forms like it was a race. Luckily she had her nerved in check by the second event and performed her second kata wonderfully. One judge even approached her after the event and congratulated her on her fantastic stances. She just beamed!

Sparring was her final event of the day and she was psyched! Unfortunately both Natalie and another little boy did not know that they needed foot protection in order to spar, so the entire division was forced to wait. Luckily, 2 competitors form other clubs offered to lend their foot protection. Natalie fought very well, much more aggressive than at her last shia, and managed to come away with a silver medal. Way to go Natalie, Daddy and I are very proud of you!


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