My ‘Nother Chin…

I’m not sure if the title will give this one away, but a few days ago Nicholas was lovingly pretending to put sunscreen on my face. He was so sweet and so gentle, it was adorable. The process went something like this:

Nicholas: “I’m putting sunscreen on your face Mom, you need sunscreen. Put some on your forehead, on your eyes, on your cheek.” There was a slight pause here for him to reload. “Some on your ‘nother cheek, on your nose … on your chin, some on your ‘nother chin…”

At this point I can’t help it. I start laughing as he is contunuing to spread imaginary sunscreen on my neck. I can’t help but ask “Nicholas honey, exactly how many chins does Mommy have?” To which he cheerfully responded, “TWO”.

Lesson learned, don’t ask a preschooler something you don’t want an honest answer to!


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