Big Boy Shower

Nicholas has gotten into the habit of hopping into the shower with Daddy IF he wakes up in time. This morning he was a few minutes too late and Daddy was already out of the shower, getting dressed. Heartbroken, he came flying down the stairs naked and crying. Once I ascertained what the problem was, I sent him back upstairs to stand in the shower and pretend while Daddy finished getting ready. I had just finished getting lunches ready and was about to pour my coffee when I heard the shower turn back on. My curiosity piqued, I headed upstairs to investigate and found Nicholas in the shower, happily sud-sing up and rinsing himself off. Once cleaned, he hopped out and proudly stated “I put soap on my belly and on my legs, then I rinsed it off all by myself. I’m all clean now!” Pretty good for a not quite 3 year old!


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