Natalie’ Skateboard

Well, I finally did it. Something I have actively been avoiding for quite some time. You see Natalie has been begging, pleading, asking, whatever you want to call it, for a … skateboard. In order to fully understand why I was so resistant, you should know that I am EXTREMELY safety concious. Add to that that my darling daughter, while beautiful, smart and well behaved (just like her mom) also inherited my unfortunate lack of co-ordination. UGH.

Back to the skateboard. We were at walmart yesterday and she saw one and I broke down. I did promise her at the beginning of the summer that I would get her one. She was so thankful and soooo excited!

So far she is doing remarkable well on her board. She is being quite diligent at ensuring she is wearing all the proper safety equipment and being careful in all she does. I think I may have been worring about the wrong kid. Nicholas is already trying to climb on the board and take it for a spin himself. I can’t find safety equipment small enough for him.

I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks about how they are doing!


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    tanyapecora said,

    the excitement of the skateboard didn’t last nearly as long as I thought. She played with it for maybe a week or 2, now it is sitting, forgotten in our garage, just collecting dust. I so saw that coming!

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