Summer Vacation

Time seems to fly by these days. I have every intention of updating this blog on a daily basis, but it never seems to happen. I am simply too busy with life.

We have been having a fantastic summer. We rented a cottage with some friends for a week. That was tons of fun. The kids spent most of their time on the trampoline! Natalie also went fishing for the first time and caught sevral fish. Although I was a bit leary of spending 7 days in close quarters with another family, the week went by without a hitch. The kids got along great. We were all sad when the week came to an end.

We’ve also gone camping (for the first time!) Mum and Dad gave us their tent trailer so we took the kids up north for a weekend. They loved it! Even hubby, who is a true CITY Boy, had a great time. It would have been better if it didn’t rain, but hey, I shouldn’t complain.

We went to the Toronto zoo with some friends. Both kids loved it. Nicholas kept trying to climb into the enclosures! I almost had a heart attack when he tried to climb in with the hippos! Not the best idea! The day went swimmingly until Natalie fell and broke her wrist. She was running when one of her crocs fell off. Not wanting to actually stop and put it back on she tried to do it while she was running. She wasn’t successful. Took her into the clinic the next morning (bad mommy) had it x-rayed. She was in a cast for the next 3 weeks. Luckily it didn’t seem to affect her that much!


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