Diaper Dilema…

This is a funny I have been meaning to write about for a while. Now that Nicholas is out of his crib, he rarely naps, although I do put him in bed for some “quiet time” He has learned that if he comes out of his room, he goes in his crib. (Quiet time is as much for Mummy as it is for Nicholas, perhaps even more!) WELL, a few weeks ago, after a particularly trying morning, I plopped him in bed for his quiet time, and came over to my refuge…my computer! I could hear him playing quietly and happily, so I let him be until about 2:40, when it was time to go to the school to get Natalie. The smell when I opened his door was overwhelming… He was sitting beside his bed playing with some toys. He turned to me and said quite calmly,  “poo on floor, mom.” There were suspicious brown skid marks on the carpet beside his bed. I checked his bum, no diaper and no poo… I asked where his diaper was, and he replied, “in my bed”.  I checked his bed and sure enough, amid the sheets and blankets sat a diaper full of poo. Turns out he had pooped, and didn’t want to tell me, so he removed his diaper, wiped hit bottom on the carpet, then put on clean pants!

What a kid. I am sure that this will be a story that is told over and over again!


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