Daddy’s Away

The kids have been missing daddy. He left on a business trip last Wednesday, promising to be back on Saturday… Well, Saturday came and went and still no sign of Daddy! SIGH, when will we learn, not to give Natalie a return date? Nicholas still doesn’t understand the concept of time, so it’s not so bad, he stil misses him and asks for him, but not like Natalie. Now she is guilt tripping him – “you said you’d be back on Saturday, it’s Monday, where are you? Why aren’t you coming home? WHEN are you coming home?” To me, she says tearfully “I miss Daddy” She has spent the last 2 nights sleeping in my bed, and as we speak she is sound asleep in bed behind me.

This morning I got a huge shock, I was awoken at 4:45 am by the sound of  our smoke detector, BRUTAL! Let me tell you, I don’t think anything is a successful at making me leap out of bed, with my heart in my throat and run! Luckily there was no fire, the smoke detector just needed a good vacuuming. Funny thing was, as I vacuumed it I worried it might wake the children…the same children who didn’t even STIR when the smoke detector went off! Silly Me!


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