At My Wits End

I love my children, I love my children…. Some days it seems this is my mantra. Letely Nicholas has been particularily trying. He has, unfortunately, discovered some…. unsavoury words. He swears like a trucker! Really, its not as bad as that, his favourite phrase at the moment is poosh*t, poohsh*t, and he says it whenever he doesn’t get his own way – which is often. He also likes to throw in the occasional JC, and last weekend he dropped the F bomb. That got him a bar of Irish spring in the mouth. We have tried ignoring it, talking to him, time outs, taking toys away, soap,  you name it! Basically there is always a reprecussion, and he doesn’t seem to care! Sigh, here’s hoping it looses it’s appeal, and soon! Nothing like being out in public with your adorabe 2 year old and having him curse. Wish me luck.


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