Sharing our Bed…

Some nights our bed seems to shrink in size. Natalie has been coming in and joining us for a variety of reasons ranging from “I had a bad dream” to “I don’t know!” It used to bother me, and I would make her go back into her own room. Then I came to the realization that it won’t go on forever, and pretty soon she won’t want to snuggle with Mummy and Daddy. If I am being completely honest, I actually do love the snuggle time with her. I’ve trained her to crawl over me and lie down between Louie and I, simply beacuse I hate being sandwiched between them. I feel so clausterphopic. So for now we’ve resigned ourselves to cramped sleeping conditions and the realization that if Nicholas starts hopping into bed with us we’re going to have to buy a bigger bed!


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