I Hate Vomit

Well, Nicholas was sick Wednesday night. He wasn’t himself most of the day, then around 7pm he started vomiting. I should have realized it was coming when he woudn’t eat a chocolate chip, he claimed he didn’t like it!  Poor Natalie was so disgusted, but she was a real trooper and ran upstairs to get me a clean garbage can. Natalie wound up sleepin in bed with Daddy, and I slept on the couch with Nicholas beside me on a mattress on the floor (hardwood is MUCH easier to clean.) He was feeling much better by morning, but he wasn’t himself again until Yesterday.

I finally let him have milk again today…big mistake! I just went in to check on him before I went to bed. Poor kid had a massive diarrhea. His entire room reeks! I had to wake him to change him. He was NOT a happy boy. He wouldn’t let me put his pants back on so I’m hoping the diaper stays on through the night.


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