Big Boy Bed Revisited

We had another successful night in the big boy bed. Nicholas went down at 8pm and slept through until 8am. I think the secret is making sure that he is exhausted! We went down to Winterfest yesterday afternoon, so he didn’t get a real nap. Natalie had a ball though. They had a huge slide made out of ice and snow. I went down with her, it was so much fun. Poor Nicholas slept through it though.

Natalie is addicted to her DS. The worst part is I’m not sure who is worse, Natalie or Luigi! No kidding he loves that thing too. He goes online and finds cheats to help her get to the next level. After she goes to bed, sometimes he’ll play for a while without her. I must say I’ve never understood the draw to video games. To each his own I suppose


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