Big Boy Bed

I was so amazed the other night. We had Becky come over to watch the kids, so we could go to the Leafs game (More on that later!) Well when bedtime rolled around, Mr. Nicholas took her upstairs, got into his jammies and climbed into the bed beside the crib. When Becky tried to move him to the crib, he insisted that no, he was a “big boy” and wanted to sleep in his bed. She finally agreed, but on the condition that he not get out. She told him if he got out of bed, she would put him into the crib. “Okay” he said. She came downstairs to sit with Natalie, and when they went up a little while later, sure enough, Mr. Macgoo was sound asleep in the bed.

Last night we tried it again, he sat on the end of the bed and called me for a little whie (he wanted me to lie down with him) but when I didn’t respond, he tucked himself in and promptly went to sleep.

Both mornings he’s woken up happy, singing and not wanting to get out of his “Big Boy Bed”


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