Sick Day

Natalie is home from school today, she woke up with a sore tummy. Since the kids in her class are dropping like flies, I decided to keep her home for the day. It’s now 2:18 and she’s bouncing off the walls, she says she feels 100% better… Oh well, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Nicholas is ecstatic that she’s home too, so that’s a good thing.

Nicholas makes me laugh. He is getting so good at using his words now. Hi woke up this morning at 6:30am (ugh) mama, mama…..MOOOOOOM!

Mum always said I need to start recording their cute little sayings. I’m hoping since I am on the computer so much this blog will help. I think my favourite at this point is “appie juice, peese mum”.

He did another big pee on the toilet this morning. He is still inconsistent, but he is definately improving! Once spring rolls around I’ll get some big boy underwear and we’ll go all out with the potty training.


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    tanyapecora said,

    Just a note to self, that come June, he decided that he no longer wanted to wear diapers, so we made the transistion to underwear (no pullups here!) It was a long summer, with tons of laundry for , but he did it!

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